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Wine Tasting Notes

Everyone has their favorite wine, and so do we! Our wines are an exquisite blend of flavors, spices and the soul of Namibia. We’ve provided wine tasting notes on our wine varietals, so you can decide for yourself which you’d like to sample upon your visit.

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Wine before the harvest grapes Neuras Wine Neuras NamibRed
2012 NEURAS SHIRAZ: This delicate dry, red wine differs from the traditional smoky or peppery full bodied Shiraz wines. It has a medium red colour and the fruity nose is due to a small percentage 2013 vintage wine in the blend. The soft tannins make it easy drinkable and it will complement pasta and poultry dishes.

2012 NEURAS RED: A unique blend of Shiraz with the traditional Bordeaux cultivars Petit Verdot and Merlot. The cultivars are not blended as wine but pressed together as grapes to enhance the fusion of the grapes. This dry, ruby red wine is complemented by French wood, which add to a more complex mouthfeel and tannin structure. It is a more serious wine to pair with game and steak dishes.
Current production on 3,000 bottles per year is harvested from the vineyard planted in 1997. In Sept 2013 the vineyard was expanded to another 3 ha on which Shiraz, Mourvedre and Grenache was planted. We will have production on that vineyard in 2016 which will increase our production to 15 000 bottles per year. We’ve also planted experimental vines such as Colombard, Pinotage, Tannat, Durif, Red Muscadel and Ruby Cabernet to expand our range in the future. Please email us directly at neuras@naankuse.com for any questions.