• Sponsor a hectare

Sponsor a hectare

We are forever indebted to the many supporters and partners of the Naankuse Foundation and Neuras Estate. When you sponsor a hectare at Neuras, you’re part of a small and unique community who has helped to maintain a special ecosystem in Namibia, which harbors important flora and fauna. Funds from the sponsor a hectare sponsorships go towards the research activities and maintenance of the estate, furthering ecosystem conservation here in Namibia.
Landscape Neuras Neuras - Rain Scenery © Peter Ingalls - Landscape Neuras

Sponsor a Camera Trap

As part of our Conservation Research project through the Naankuse projects, including Neuras, we use camera traps to monitor wild cheetahs, leopards and hyenas. The cameras are the latest technology in conservation – placed at activity centres such as waterholes, riverbeds or marking trees. They pick up any activity or movement and snap - a picture is taken! The infra-red light means they go unnoticed by the cats and can take footage at night. Sponsor a Camera Trap for N$700/ £65!

As a sponsor you will receive by email all the best pictures captured by your camera. And it’s not just cats that are captured on camera - we’ve snapped eland, oryx, zebra, jackal, warthog, vultures and baboons, to name just a few. This is an incredible opportunity to gain unique and exclusive photos of these wild animals in their natural habitat.
Oryx Antelopes Male Cheetah Coalition Spotted hyena
Sponsor ½ a hectare for NAD 500/ 30GBP
Sponsor a hectare for NAD 1000/ 60GBP
Sponsor a Camera Trap for NAD 700/ 65GBP