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Volunteer at Neuras

Want to be a part of conservation in Namibia? We’ve got the program for you. Our research volunteer program has an average rating of 9/10 as rated by past volunteers, and is often reported as the favorite part of our visitors’ stay in Namibia. We take pride in offering a way for people to enjoy giving back to Namibian conservation and hope you want to be a part of our efforts.

Neuras is one of the Naankuse release sites for captured and collared big cats, so as a part of the research volunteer program you may have an opportunity to see a release or capture, or take part in tracking the collared animals to check on their health in the wild. Neuras is crucial to the long-term success of our research program through Naankuse.
Neuras volunteers setting capture cage Neuras - Camera Trap Volunteers with Cheetah enrichment
Activities at Neuras through our research volunteer program may include:
  • Learning about GPS tracking in the field
  • Learning about camera traps and analyzing their images
  • Learning about the flora and fauna in the area
  • Helping with game counts
  • Helping with the vines at Neuras (activities vary)
  • Hiking through the canyons or general area for various activities or challenges
  • Other activities may arise while you are out there, so we appreciate everyone's enthusiasm and flexibility
Be a part of our research volunteer program today! Book through Naankuse (our parent company) by clicking here.